Space Admin - Locked Attachments - Lockpoint Cloud

Viewing Locked Attachments

Within the Lockpoint Space Admin page, the Locked Attachments tab contains a list of all currently-locked attachments in the space, and it provides the ability to unlock individual attachments.

This page is only available to Space Admins, Confluence Administrators, and users who have Lockpoint Administrator permissions. See Unlocking Attachments as a Lockpoint Administrator - Lockpoint Cloud in the User Guide for more details on the Locked Attachments page.

The list of attachments can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.

Unlocking Attachments

Individual attachments can be unlocked by clicking the Unlock button to the right of each attachment. Through this page, any attachment can be unlocked, even if it was originally locked by another user. When an attachment is unlocked through this page, email notifications are not sent to the lock owner.