Unlocking Attachments as a Lockpoint Administrator - Lockpoint Cloud

Lockpoint Administrators are those users who have been delegated special permissions in a space by a Confluence administrator. Confluence administrators and space administrators always have Lockpoint Administrator capabilities automatically, but other users can be promoted to Lockpoint Administrators through the Permissions tab of the Space Configuration settings.

Note that Lockpoint Administrator privileges do not grant access to the global, system-wide configuration settings for Lockpoint, as described under Lockpoint Administration - Lockpoint Cloud.

Viewing Locked Attachments

Lockpoint Administrators have access to the View Locked Attachments page, accessible through the space sidebar and clicking Cenote Lockpoint Admin.

This page allows Lockpoint Administrators to see a list of all attachments that are locked across an entire space. The "Locked Attachments" tab is available to all users who are a Lockpoint Administrator in a space. If you are a Lockpoint Administrator but you are not a Space Administrator, you may not be able to see the additional "Permissions" or "Unlock Timeouts" tabs on this page, since those settings require space administrator privileges.

Unlocking Attachments

The Lockpoint Administrator can unlock one or more attachments by clicking the Unlock button next to the desired attachments. Lockpoint Administrators are able to unlock attachments that were locked by other users in the system.