Lockpoint Administration - Lockpoint Cloud

Configuring Lockpoint Cloud

Cenote Lockpoint for Confluence Cloud provides global, Confluence-wide configuration options, and space-specific configuration options.

See the following pages for complete details:

Global Configuration

Use Lockpoint's global configuration options to:

  • enable or disable Lockpoint by default across all spaces
  • disable client-side analytics and error reporting
  • set site-wide defaults for automatic unlocking timing
Space Administration

Use Lockpoint's space-specific configuration options to:

  • enable or disable Lockpoint in the space
  • display and manage locked attachments across the space
  • define Lockpoint Administrators for the space
  • configure space-specific automatic unlock timeouts
Features and LimitationsGeneral information related to features and limitations of Lockpoint Cloud.
Locking and SecurityDescription of the security model of Lockpoint Cloud.
Feature Parity with Lockpoint Server/Data CenterDescribes the differences between Lockpoint Cloud and Lockpoint Server/DC
Migrating from Lockpoint Server/Data CenterProvides guidance for migrating from Lockpoint Server or Data Center to Lockpoint Cloud.