Installing Lockpoint Cloud

Evaluating Lockpoint Cloud

All Lockpoint Cloud installations start with an evaluation period. Even if your intention is to purchase Lockpoint Cloud, you should still follow the steps below to install a free trial:

  1. Visit the Lockpoint page on the Atlassian Marketplace.
  2. Click "Try it free".
  3. On the "Cloud" tab, click "Start free trial".
  4. Select your Confluence Cloud site from the dropdown.
  5. Click "Start free trial".
  6. On the subsequent page, click "Start free trial" again.

Purchasing Lockpoint Cloud

First, start a Lockpoint Cloud evaluation period as described above.

Once your 30-day free trial has ended, you can proceed to purchase a subscription for Lockpoint. To do this:

  1. Visit the site, and under your organization, click your site's URL.
  2. In the left sidebar, scroll down and click on "Manage Subscriptions".
  3. Find the "Cenote Lockpoint" subscription, and click "Buy it now".