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The  Space Tools » Cenote Lockpoint » Email Notifications tab allows you to adjust the content of email notifications sent to users about attachments that have been locked for too long. Changes made here are applied to the current space only. Confluence administrators can also configure the global defaults contents of these emails.

Only Space Administrators and Confluence Administrators have access to this page.

Email Notification Types

Lockpoint permits each of the following email notifications to be configured:

Warning of Automatic UnlockThis template defines the reminder email sent to inform users that an attachment is still locked.
Automatically Unlock AttachmentThis template defines the email sent when an attachment is automatically unlocked.
Attachment Available for EditingThis template defines the email sent after a user requests a notification when an attachment is unlocked.

For each email type, select the Use default email content checkbox in order to use the default email templates as defined by your Confluence administrator. To supply new content to be used for this notification within this space, deselect the checkbox, adjust the email content, and click Save.

To revert an email to use the original, administrator-defined content, select the Use default email content checkbox and click Save.

Email Placeholders

Use the following placeholder variables in your customized email content to have Lockpoint add attachment-specific text to each email notification:

Replacement VariableDescription
$attachmentNameFilename of the attachment
$expirationDateDate that the attachment will be unlocked (for warning email only)
$lockedDateDate that the attachment was originally locked
$pageNameName of the page containing the attachment
$pageLinkLink to the page containing the attachment
$ownerUsername of the user who has locked the file