Space Admin - Permissions

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The Space Tools » Cenote Lockpoint » Permissions page allows you to specifically enable or disable Lockpoint in a space, as well as define which users or groups will be considered Lockpoint Administrators for the space.

Only Space Administrators and Confluence Administrators have access to this page.

Enabling or Disabling Lockpoint

By default, all spaces use the system-wide global setting to enable or disable Lockpoint in the space. The value of the global setting is shown on this page under Space-Level Activation.

To override the global setting for Lockpoint in this space only, open the Enable Lockpoint for this space dropdown, select either Yes or No, and then click Save.

Assigning Lockpoint Administrators

Lockpoint Administrators are users, or groups of users, who have the ability to:

  • view a list of all locked attachments in a space (using Space Tools » Cenote Lockpoint » Locked Attachments), and
  • unlock attachments that are locked by other users (by clicking the Force Unlock button).

By definition, Space Administrators and members of the confluence-administrators group are always Lockpoint Administrators. You can define additional Lockpoint Administrators on a space-by-space basis.

To add a user or group as a Lockpoint Administrator, enter part of the name in the relevant section to search for the user or group, select the item from the dropdown, and click Save.