Global Admin - Unlock Timeouts

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The Lockpoint global configuration for unlock timeouts allows you to adjust the default timing for sending warnings that attachments have been locked, as well as the timing for performing automatic unlocks (or to completely disable automatic unlocking). The settings configured at a global level can be overridden on a space-by-space basis.

Configure or Disable Email Warning Timeouts

By default, if an attachment has remained locked for more than 24 hours, Lockpoint will automatically send an email reminder to the lock owner. To change this timing, adjust the number of hours in the Email warning after (hours) field and click Save. Alternatively, to disable warning emails entirely, select the Disable warning emails checkbox.

The default contents of the email warning can be found on the Email Notifications tab.

Configure or Disable Automatic Unlocking Timeouts

By default, after an attachment has been locked for 48 hours, Lockpoint will automatically unlock the attachment and send an email notification to the lock owner.

This timing can be changed by adjusting the number of hours in the Unlock after (hours) field. If you wish to disable this feature, select the Disable automatic unlocking checkbox, which will prevent Lockpoint from automatically unlocking any documents (and from sending the automatic unlock email).

Space-Specific Overrides of Unlock Timeouts

The defaults configured here at a side-wide level can also be overridden on a space-by-space basis through the Space Tools » Cenote Lockpoint » Unlock Timeouts page.