Installing Lockpoint


These instructions are for Lockpoint Server/Data Center. Using Confluence Cloud? See the separate documentation for Lockpoint Cloud.

Installation of an evaluation or purchased version of Lockpoint is simple:

  1. Make sure your Confluence instance meets the system requirements.
  2. Install the Cenote Lockpoint app in your Confluence instance as you would any other Confluence app.
  3. If you have not purchased Lockpoint, obtain an evaluation license.
  4. Configure Lockpoint to match the desired process for teams and Confluence spaces.

In more detail:

Installing Lockpoint

Lockpoint can be downloaded automatically from within the Confluence App Manager. (In earlier versions of Confluence, this is known as the Confluence Add-on Manager.) Alternatively, you may download the .JAR and upload it to your Confluence installation manually.

After downloading through the in-application app manager (or after uploading the .JAR), Cenote Lockpoint automatically installs and configures itself. Once the app is installed, you can access the licensing page by clicking on the "Configuration" link on the app page, or else by manually navigating to the "Cenote Lockpoint" link in the Confluence Administration menu. You may need to refresh the administration page after installing Lockjpoint.

Getting an Evaluation License

If you install Lockpoint directly from the Confluence App Manager, you should be automatically prompted to obtain a trial license. If you installed Lockpoint some other way, navigate to the Lockpoint page on the Atlassian Marketplace and click "Try it free" to generate a new 30-day evaluation license.