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Confluence Cloud

As of September 2021, Lockpoint for Confluence Cloud is available through Cenote's Early Access Program (EAP).

Interested customers can apply to participate in the EAP, which grants early access to Lockpoint for Cloud, provides you with priority access to the Lockpoint development team, and allows you to help influence the future of the product. Click the button below to get started!

Confluence Server/Data Center Version Compatibility

The following tables show Cenote Lockpoint releases that are compatible with your Confluence Server (or Data Center) version. The recommended version of Lockpoint is in boldface. Confluence Long-Term Support (LTS) releases are identified in green.

Compatible Lockpoint
7.13+ (LTS)2.4.9 - 2.4.10 - 2.4.10 - 2.4.10 - 2.4.10 - 2.4.10
7.5 - - 2.4.10
7.4.10 - 7.4.xx (LTS)2.4.10
7.4.0 - 7.4.9 (LTS)2.3.0 - 2.4.10 - 2.4.10 - 2.4.10 - 2.4.10
7.0.3 - - 2.4.10
7.0.1 - - 2.4.10
Compatible Lockpoint
6.15.5 - 6.15.x2.0.1 - 2.4.10
6.15.0 - - 2.4.10 - 2.4.10
6.13.6 - 6.13.x (LTS)2.0.1 - 2.4.10
6.13.0 - 6.13.5 (LTS)1.7.5 - 2.4.10 - 2.4.10 - 2.4.10
6.7- - 2.4.10
6.6 (LTS)1.6.12 - 2.4.10
6.2 - - 2.4.10 - 2.4.10 - 2.4.10
< 6.0more versions

Using a version of Confluence not listed here?

Lockpoint supports all Confluence versions from 3.1 and above. See Lockpoint Legacy Version Compatibility for compatibility details for Confluence 5.x and below, and for Lockpoint 1.6.10 and below.

Do you need to download a version of Lockpoint other than the latest?

See the Lockpoint download archive on the Marketplace to find the .JAR for any previous version of Lockpoint.

Confluence Data Center

Lockpoint is an Atlassian Data Center Approved App. Lockpoint was a day-one launch partner for the Data Center Approved App program, and Lockpoint 1.7.2 and higher have passed Atlassian's rigorous testing criteria.

Cenote Lockpoint provides general Confluence Data Center compatibility from Lockpoint 1.6.0 and higher. Confluence Data Center's Read Only Mode is supported from Lockpoint 1.7.0 and higher.

Third-Party App Compatibility

Cenote Lockpoint has direct integrations with, and is regularly tested for compatibility with, the following Confluence apps:

  • Gliffy
  • Edit in App / Atlassian Companion (Confluence 6.11 and above)
  • Edit in Office (Confluence 6.10 and below, Confluence 6.13.6, Confluence 6.15.5, and Confluence 7.1.0+)

If you experience any compatibility issues between Lockpoint and a third-party Confluence app, please contact Cenote Support so we can help resolve the issue.

Edit in App and Edit in Office Support

In Confluence 6.11 and higher, Atlassian's Edit in App feature is supported natively by Lockpoint for all attachment types and browsers.

Lockpoint also fully supports Edit in Office. This feature is provided by the Atlassian Office Connector in Confluence 6.10 and below. Edit in Office can also be selectively enabled by your system administrator as a "dark feature" in Confluence 6.13.6, 6.15.5, and Confluence 7.1+. Lockpoint support for Edit in Office with specific browsers and Office applications is generally limited by the support matrix of the Atlassian Office Connector for your version of Confluence.

Java Compatibility

Java Version

Compatible Lockpoint

AdoptOpenJDK 11


(with Confluence 7.1+)

AdoptOpenJDK 8


(with Confluence 6.13+)

Java SE 81.6.0+
Java SE 71.3.4 - 1.6.12

Web Browser Compatibility

OSBrowserBrowser VersionSpecial Requirements
WindowsInternet Explorer11+

Earlier versions of Confluence do not support IE11. Note that IE11 support in Confluence is EOL and is not supported after Confluence 7.4.

Internet Explorer10None




For Confluence 6.10+, all versions of Chrome are supported with Edit in App.

For Confluence 5.9-6.9, Chrome 50+, and Office 2010 SP2 or higher is required to use Edit in Office.



ChromeAllFor Confluence 6.10+, all versions of Chrome are supported with Edit in App.