Legacy Lockpoint Licenses

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Note: If you purchased your Lockpoint license in November 2016 or later, you already have an Atlassian Marketplace license and not a vendor Lockpoint license.


Types of Lockpoint Licenses

There are two types of licenses for Cenote Lockpoint:

  • licenses purchased from Atlassian via Atlassian Marketplace, and 
  • licenses purchased from (and issued) by Cenote or Arsenale (a "vendor" license)

Prior to Lockpoint 1.6.9, Lockpoint licenses were only available for purchase from Cenote or Arsenale.

With the release of Lockpoint 1.6.9 in November 2016, all Lockpoint purchasing, including new licenses and renewals of support and maintenance, is handled by Atlassian via Atlassian Marketplace or your My Atlassian account.

What Type of License Do I Need?

If you have a vendor-issued license and your support and maintenance is current, you can continue to use that license with any version of Cenote Lockpoint. For Lockpoint 1.x, you can use the vendor-issued license directly. For Lockpoint 2.0 or higher, you will need to obtain the equivalent Atlassian license (at no cost) from your my.atlassian.com account before you can upgrade.

Lockpoint VersionLicense Types Supported
2.0 and above
  • Atlassian-issued licenses
1.6.9 to 1.8
  • Atlassian-issued licenses
  • vendor-issued licenses
up to 1.6.8
  • vendor-issued licenses

When it is time to renew Lockpoint support and maintenance, you will need to purchase a renewal from Atlassian through your My Atlassian account and then use that Atlassian-issued Lockpoint license going forward.

Paid Update Warnings

If you are running a version of Lockpoint prior to 1.6.9, the Manage Apps page in Confluence Administration will show the following warning:  

If you have a vendor-issued Lockpoint license with current support and maintenance, the notice to "purchase a license through Atlassian" is incorrect.

Use the following instructions to guide you through updating to Cenote Lockpoint 2.0 or later.

Updating and Switching to an Atlassian-Issued License

Your Atlassian-issued Lockpoint license is available in the My Atlassian account of the technical contact associated with the purchase.

An Atlassian-issued Lockpoint license looks like this on my.atlassian.com:

To apply an Atlassian-issued Lockpoint license in Confluence, you must be running Cenote Lockpoint 1.6.9 or higher. Additionally, Lockpoint 2.0 and above support only Atlassian-issued licenses.

If you are not yet on Lockpoint 1.6.9+, go to the Confluence Administration "Manage Apps" page, and click the Paid update button to download and install the latest version of Lockpoint. There is no charge when clicking on "Paid update" if your maintenance is current.

To apply an Atlassian-issued Lockpoint license in Confluence, copy the Lockpoint License Key from your My Atlassian account to the Cenote Lockpoint License Key text box on the Manage Apps page in Confluence Administration and click the "Update" button.

You should see a confirmation indicating the Atlassian-issued license was successfully applied, and the "License details" and "License status" fields will show a valid license is now installed.

With a valid Atlassian-issued Lockpoint license installed, the Cenote Lockpoint Global Configuration page at Confluence Administration ยป Cenote Lockpoint will confirm that Lockpoint has correctly detected the Atlassian-issued license: