Upgrading from Arsenale Lockpoint to Cenote Lockpoint

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Cenote Lockpoint is the same base product as Arsenale Lockpoint, so no special action needs to be taken by existing customers. You do not need to acquire a different license.

In November 2018, the Lockpoint product was acquired from Arsenale, and the Lockpoint developer team joined Cenote. All pre-existing Lockpoint support and maintenance contracts have been assigned to Cenote.

Can I use my Arsenale Lockpoint license with Cenote Lockpoint?

Yes. Any previously-issued licenses for Arsenale Lockpoint are automatically valid for all versions of Cenote Lockpoint released within the support and maintenance window of your license. If you wish to use a version of Cenote Lockpoint that was released after your maintenance expired, you can renew your existing maintenance.

How do I renew or upgrade the license tier of an Arsenale Lockpoint license?

If you wish to upgrade the license tier or renew the maintenance for an Arsenale Lockpoint license, simply navigate to your My Atlassian account, find the existing Lockpoint license, and renew or upgrade as you would any other license.

The renewal or tier upgrade will be automatically shown as a Cenote Lockpoint license. The term for renewals will commence from the Support End Date of your prior license, just as it would for the renewal of any other license.

How do I update the app itself from Arsenale Lockpoint to Cenote Lockpoint?

Navigate to the Confluence App Manager (or "Add-on Manager" for older versions of Confluence), find the Arsenale Lockpoint app, click to expand, and click the Update button. The App Manager will automatically install the most recent version of Lockpoint which supports your version of Confluence, whether it be Arsenale Lockpoint or Cenote Lockpoint. Alternatively, you may download a copy of a compatible Lockpoint .JAR from the Lockpoint download archive and install it manually through the Confluence App Manager.

So long as the new version of Cenote Lockpoint was released within the support maintenance window of your current license, it does not matter whether the license is shown as an Arsenale Lockpoint license or a Cenote Lockpoint license.

I am still using an older, Arsenale-branded version of Lockpoint. Can I use a Cenote Lockpoint license with it?

Yes. New licenses issued for Cenote Lockpoint can still be used with older versions of Arsenale Lockpoint.

Do you still support versions of the product branded as Arsenale Lockpoint?

Yes. We provide support for any version of Lockpoint, regardless of whether it is branded as Arsenale Lockpoint or Cenote Lockpoint. The original Lockpoint developer team joined Cenote and we have the background to address all of your questions about past and current versions of Lockpoint.

My existing Lockpoint license was issued prior to November 2016, or I am running Lockpoint 1.6.8 or below. What do I do?

Lockpoint 1.6.8 and below only support vendor-issued licenses and not those issued through the Atlassian Marketplace, and only vendor licenses were issued for Lockpoint prior to November 2016. See our page on Legacy Lockpoint Licenses for further information on migrating to Atlassian Marketplace licensing.

If you are unable to upgrade to Lockpoint 1.6.9 or higher, but you still wish to renew your maintenance to maintain access to Cenote Support for an earlier version of Lockpoint, first purchase a renewal from the Atlassian Marketplace, and then write to us to request a manually-generated license that is compatible with Lockpoint 1.6.8 or below. These compatibility licenses are issued free of charge and they will have an identical term to your Atlassian Marketplace license.

I have a question not listed here.

Please contact Cenote Support and we will be pleased to assist you.