Global Admin - General Configuration - Lockpoint Cloud

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The options on the General Configuration tab for Lockpoint global configuration are shown below:

Space Activation Defaults

The Activation Defaults allow administrators to choose whether to have Lockpoint enabled or disabled by default for all Confluence spaces.

If you wish to use Lockpoint on most of your Confluence site, but you do not wish to use Lockpoint within some spaces, you can enable Lockpoint globally and then disable Lockpoint on a space-by-space basis.

Alternatively, if you only wish to use Lockpoint on a small portion of your site, consider disabling Lockpoint globally but enabling it for individual spaces.

Changing this setting has the immediate effect of enabling or disabling Cenote Lockpoint in all Confluence spaces that have not been specifically configured to override the global setting.

To override this global default for a specific space, to specifically activate or deactivate Lockpoint for a given space, navigate to the Space, select Cenote Lockpoint Admin from the space sidebar, and then select the Permissions tab.

When Lockpoint is enabled in a space, all of the locking functionality and Lockpoint user interface controls are made available to users of the space. If Lockpoint is disabled in a space, locking will not be activated and pages in the space will behave as if Lockpoint were not installed.

Client-Side Analytics

Lockpoint Cloud collects client-side analytics, including pseudonymized information related to feature usage, as well as client-side diagnostics and error information. No Personally-Identifiable Information (PII) is sent. This feature is specific to Lockpoint Cloud; Lockpoint Server/DC does not collect client-side information.

Administrators can use this page to disable both client-side analytics and client-side diagnostics and error reporting.

If this setting is modified, the resulting change may take up to five minutes to take effect.

License Status

The License Status section of the Lockpoint global configuration page shows the status of your Lockpoint license.

If the status of your license is shown as invalid, click the link to the Confluence app manager to see more details.