Lockpoint Server 2.3 Release Notes



Confluence 7.3, new Atlassian Companion, performance improvements and fixes

February 5, 2020

New Features

  • General support for Confluence 7.3.
  • A new integration with the Atlassian Companion for Confluence 7.3, allowing users to upload multiple attachment versions in the same editing session. Lockpoint is integrated with the Atlassian Companion "x" (close) control, which now unlocks attachments. Lock status remains in sync on the page after the Companion is launched.
  • Performance improvements and batched REST requests to reduce network traffic on enterprise systems.

Important Changes

  • Integration with Balsamiq Wireframes has been removed. Balsamiq supports collaborative editing, allowing it to merge simultaneous changes, such that Lockpoint functionality is no longer needed.


  • The "Lock All" feature now functions as expected on Confluence 7.2.
  • The lock owner name is now always properly erased from the page when unlocking an attachment with IE11.
  • Corrects the Firefox-only "Error: a network connection error occurred" message when saving a file using the Edit in App feature. This error was previously fixed in Lockpoint 2.1.0, but the error could recur if the Confluence Previews plugin was manually upgraded to version 8.2.0. If the Confluence Previews plugin is manually upgraded while Lockpoint is already running, Lockpoint must be disabled and re-enabled.
  • When the previewer fails to lock an attachment on Confluence 6.15 or 7.0, the error message is persisted without reloading the page.