Lockpoint Server 1.1 Release Notes



Maintenance release for Atlassian hosted customers

July 2, 2011

This release fixes the following issue:
  • for Atlassian hosted customers only, this release corrects the licensing count calculation to exclude the Atlassian-specific admin user.


Maintenance release

June 8, 2011

This release fixes the following issue:

  • fixed issue with WebDAV operation that caused certain WebDAV clients to be unable to save new files to the WebDAV store.


Maintenance release

June 6, 2011

This release fixes the following issues:
  • fix errors displayed in log when anonymous users browse attachment pages.
  • Edit in Office and Gliffy links now display using the same permission conditions as with the underlying Office Connector/Gliffy plugin.
  • implemented workaround for the CONF-21986 deadlock issue that could sometimes prevent Confluence from starting or Lockpoint from loading.
  • fixed compatibility with Ad Hoc Workflows.


Now free up to 50 users. Support for MS Visio + Project, Clustered Confluence, and French + German.

May 1, 2011


Lockpoint 1.1 data is not backwards compatible with Lockpoint 1.0. After installing 1.1.0, you may not downgrade to an earlier version of Lockpoint unless you remove all Lockpoint data from the database.

New Features

  • Lockpoint is now completely free for all Confluence users with 10, 25 or 50-user licenses.
  • One-click "Edit in Office" support has been extended to Microsoft Visio (VSD) and Microsoft Project (MPP) documents. This feature can be enabled or disabled by document type in the global plugin configuration. This feature is compatible with Internet Explorer 7+ and partially compatible with Firefox 3.5+.
  • Clustered Confluence installations are now officially supported.
  • Lockpoint includes built-in support for French and German localizations.
  • Lockpoint now sends a welcome message to the system administrator on plugin administration, as well as expiration reminders.


  • Fixed the formatting of warning dialogs in thumbnail-sized Gliffy drawings.
  • Lockpoint no longer attaches itself to Balsamiq Mockup drawings after the trial license has expired.
  • Worked around a Confluence bug that sometimes caused Lockpoint's Velocity Context module to be disabled, which prevented some internal links from working.
  • Worked around issue with classloader issues in Confluence's Bandana storage system.
  • Lockpoint no longer sends warning emails for attachments of pages that have been moved to the trash.