Lockpoint Server 1.0 Release Notes



Fix for Mockups support when Confluence uses a context path.

February 16, 2011

This release fixes an issue where the "edit this mockup" link would not function properly when Confluence was configured to use a context path.


Initial release

February 14, 2011

The first commercial release of Arsenale Lockpoint.

New Features

  • The View Page Attachments page and {attachments} macro can now be configured globally to display in either of the following two formats:
    (1) the lock status as an icon, or
    (2) the lock status as an icon and the name of the user who locked the file.
  • The lock icon now has pop-up "tooltip" displays to show the full status of locked files.
  • Inline file statuses for Balsamiq, Gliffy and Office Connector use a new, styled notification format.
  • Locked file status now includes a "mailto:" link so that users can easily email the owner of a locked file.


  • Tightened up permission checking for AJAX requests.
  • Fixed a bug where setting the email templates to "default" did not reload the default text from the i18n properties file.
  • Fixed a Gliffy issue where using the "View Large Attachment" link did not include the custom CSS for the "file is already locked" message.
  • Fixed repeated HTML "id" elements when multiple {attachments} macros were used to list the same files multiple times on one page.
  • The Edit Space Permissions page now always lists confluence-administrators and space admins in the list of users who have Lockpoint Administrator access.
  • On the Email Notifications page, we now hide templates that use the default values rather than graying them out. Also fixed an issue where the Unlock Notification email was not properly hidden or grayed when the default checkbox was selected.
  • When used in conjunction with a Tomcat container that was misconfigured with the wrong character set encoding, fixed an issue where Lockpoint's WebDAV component was not properly locking files containing non-ASCII filenames.
  • Fixed issues with WebDAV where clients were unable to copy a file that was locked. Lockpoint now also correctly protects locked destinations of copy or move operations.
  • When editing a locked file, Office 2010 should now display a "the file is in use by another user" warning rather than simply indicating that the file is read-only.

1.0.0 - beta 3

Beta release

February 1, 2011