Cenote Lockpoint Pricing

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All prices are in US Dollars.

Lockpoint Cloud Pricing

For Lockpoint Cloud, the monthly per-user subscription fees for commercial users are shown below in Table 1.





Up to 10 Users$10 (flat rate)2,501-5,000 Users$0.20
1-100 Users$1.505,001-7,500 Users$0.12
101-250 Users$0.707,501-10,000 Users$0.12
251-1000 Users$0.3510,001-15,000 Users$0.10
1001-2500 Users$0.2015,001-20,000 Users$0.10

Table 1: Lockpoint Cloud Monthly Per-User Pricing

The license size is based on the number of users licensed for your underlying Confluence Cloud instance. Up to ten users is supported for a flat fee. All other license sizes are based on the cumulative pricing of the number of users in the selected and underlying tiers.

For example, the monthly price for 150 users is calculated using 100 users at the 1-100 tier price, plus 50 users at the 101-250 tier price.

Cloud licenses for Cenote Lockpoint can be purchased exclusively through the Atlassian Marketplace.

Lockpoint Data Center Pricing

For Cenote Lockpoint Data Center, pricing for commercial users is shown below in Table 3.





500 Users$2,80015,000 Users$9,750
1,000 Users$4,20020,000 Users$10,500
2,000 Users$5,60025,000 Users$11,250
3,000 Users$6,30030,000 Users$12,000
4,000 Users$7,00035,000 Users$12,750
5,000 Users$7,70040,000 Users$13,500
10,000 Users$9,000Unlimited Users$16,625

Table 3: Lockpoint Data Center Subscription Price

A Lockpoint Data Center purchase is a 12-month subscription, which includes support and access to any version of the software that is released during (or prior to) your subscription period. Subscription renewals for subsequent 12-month periods are offered at the then-current price for a new 12-month subscription and, unlike Server licenses, are priced at 100% of the stated price. Data Center licenses are not perpetual and the product cannot be used past the subscription expiry date.

Legacy Lockpoint Server licenses can be used on a Confluence Data Center system only if the start date of your Lockpoint Server license is prior to Atlassian's grandfathering cut-off date of September 3, 2019. Otherwise, a Confluence Data Center system requires a Lockpoint Data Center license.

Data Center licenses for Cenote Lockpoint can be purchased exclusively through the Atlassian Marketplace.

Upgrades from one user tier to another are calculated by Atlassian. Please request a quote from your my.atlassian.com account.

You can synchronize the maintenance date of Lockpoint with the rest of your Atlassian applications by opening a request with Atlassian.

Have a question about licensing? Please contact us.