Release Notes - Lockpoint Cloud

Lockpoint Public Release - April 2022

  • Lockpoint is now publicly available to all users.

Lockpoint EAP - February 2022

  • This release incorporates client-side analytics and error reporting.
  • Client-side analytics and error reporting can be disabled for all users by an administrator on the Lockpoint global admin page.
  • Lockpoint now supports licensing features (although no license is required for the EAP). Administrators of existing sites can assign themselves a license status of "Active subscription" directly through the Confluence app manager.

Lockpoint EAP - December 2021

Lockpoint EAP - November 2021

  • Lockpoint Cloud now supports space-by-space enablement. The overall default can be configured through the global Lockpoint site administration settings, which can be overridden on a space-by-space basis in the space-specific Lockpoint settings.
  • The hover-based tooltips for showing lock statuses now appear and disappear as expected, and stray random square windows have been eliminated.

Lockpoint EAP - October 2021

  • Initial EAP release