Subcontractors and Third-Party Services - Lockpoint Cloud

Third-Party Services

The Lockpoint Cloud service is principally run on the Heroku (Salesforce) Platform-as-a-Service, which is in turn run on Amazon AWS.

The Lockpoint Cloud service also interacts with the following third-party vendors: 

Transactional emails

  • Twilio Sendgrid - for transmitting email notifications to users, as required for sending locking and unlocking notifications.

Monitoring and analytics

  • Sentry - one-way telemetry for error and performance monitoring (client-side and server-side).
  • Mixpanel - one-way telemetry for application analytics (client-side).
  • LogDNA - management of server-side logs.

Client-side monitoring/analytics (from the browser) can be disabled across your entire site through the Lockpoint global UI, preventing all browser-based reporting to Sentry and Mixpanel.

Server-side monitoring and error reporting (including server-side integrations with Sentry for error-reporting, and LogDNA for log management) occurs from within the Heroku infrastructure. This monitoring is mandatory and it cannot be disabled.

Data Processing Agreements

See also the Data Processing Addendum (DPA) - Lockpoint Cloud.