Lockpoint Server 1.8 Release Notes



"Edit" button integration for Confluence 6.14, performance improvements at scale, and more

January 22, 2019

New Features

  • Integration with the new attachment "Edit" buttons in Confluence 6.14.
  • Drastically improved performance for the hourly unlock background task, helping to reduce system load on enterprise-scale systems.


  • Using Edit in App from the previewer, in a space with Lockpoint disabled, no longer generates an error message when canceling attachment edit.
  • Fix for long-term users of Lockpoint (those who have, at any point in the past, installed Lockpoint 1.6.8 or previous) that sometimes caused certain Confluence Attachment macro buttons to remain disabled after Lockpoint is uninstalled.
  • Corrects a rare NullPointerException that could occur in the hourly unlock job.
  • Fixed spurious log warnings regarding "URI path does not start with known workspace name".
  • Corrects a JavaScript compatibility issue that could cause Lockpoint to clash with certain other installed plugins (including Learndot Pathways).