2.4 Release Notes



Maintenance release

June 22, 2020


  • Corrects an issue that prevented the Gliffy full-page view feature from loading.


Confluence 7.5, performance improvements and fixes

May 28, 2020

New Features

  • General compatibility for Confluence 7.5.
  • Performance improvements for enterprise systems, including a significant reduction in the number of REST calls issued when loading pages containing Attachment macros with many attachments. Additionally, REST calls to fetch attachment statuses use significantly less server CPU.


  • Modernized the internal Lockpoint front-end architecture for better browser compatibility, interoperability with other Confluence apps, and reduced JavaScript bundle sizes.


  • Corrects a rare deadlock issue that occurred during Confluence startup after the "Confluence is ready to serve" message. The frequency of occurrences was sometimes exacerbated if both Lockpoint and Stiltsoft Handy Macros were installed simultaneously.
  • Corrects issue on Confluence 6.14 through 7.3 in which attachments would occasionally not be unlocked automatically when editing with the Atlassian Companion.
  • Fix an issue where the default "Edit" link on the "... → Attachments" page was inadvertently hidden, in the scenario where a Lockpoint evaluation license or Data Center subscription license had expired.
  • Confluence occasionally disables Velocity modules of random apps due to CONFSERVER-22390. When this scenario impacts Lockpoint, Lockpoint now detects the issue and displays a warning on top of all Attachment macros and Lockpoint admin pages, rather than producing a stack trace with "Error rendering template for decorator root".

(Note: Lockpoint 2.4.0 was an internal release.)